Each time, Riot has its plans for League of Legends through a post called Quick Gameplay Thoughts. In the delivery may 15, the developer has revealed the changes that will suffer the Cracks elementals, some runes and the ADC, that will be reinforced in the patch 10.11 (although in the SBP are already fairly strong).

Possible changes in the next patch of League of Legends

Crack infernal and the cloud will receive changes in the patch 10.12

At Riot are happy with the Cracks elementaryalthough want to introduce more changes to two of them. Now, they will appear more Pineapples explosive in the jungle, and in the hollows of the streets during the Cracks of hell.

crack infernal lol

On the other hand, there will be more Flowers of the fortuneteller (the flowers that increase movement speed) in the Cracks of a cloud, having now more of an effect on champions outside of combat.

Changes in the runes and Summoner Spells in the patch 10.12

Protector and Predator are two runas key that every time you use less, and Riot wants to change this. Now, Protector will have an activation area bigger, and not be triggered by any type of damage (sometimes active with damage tiny), but with large amounts of explosive damage.

In terms of Predatorwill less damage but you will also have a lot less cooling, in order to make it viable for jungle aggressive, supports and toplaners.

Two runes minor, Unwavering and approach Speed, also will suffer changes. Unbreakable will be available more often, increasing to a 30% tenacity when we have little life.

changes to runes

Will have to see how changes affect Predator and Protector

In terms of Approach speednow give bonus movement speed when we get closer to an enemy under the effects of control of adversary. This amount will be doubled if we applied this effect ourselves.

The last major change is to Ghostly, a Spell of Invoker rather weak. Riot is still spinning from the changes, although shuffled eliminate the phase of “acceleration” of the spell.

The ADCs will receive MORE buffs in the patch 10.11

To Riot, the main problem of the shooters is its limited capacity for survival and autonomy. For this reason, they are going to increase in 30 the basic life of all the shooters bot, adding +2 life per level.

The following objects will give a 5% movement speed 7%:

● Fervor

● Dancer Spectral

● Cannon Rapid Fire

● Dagger of Stattik

In terms of the Hurricane Runaangoes from 7% to 9%. The idea of the developer is to apply them in the patch 10.11, but they are still working on these changes. Also coming changes in the mid, but so far have not advance anything in this regard.

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