In a few days, Ubisoft will publish on all platforms Immortals Fenix Rising, its Breath of the Wild-like starring the ancient Gods of Olympus.

Waiting for that day, several sources have uploaded several gameplay videos of the title in question and this allowed us to take a look at the main differences (especially graphics) between the different platforms.

Immortals Fenix Rising will be released on PC, Stadia, as well as next and current-gen consoles, Switch included. How does Ubisoft work on all these platforms?

The most important video of all is certainly the direct comparison between the PlayStation 5 version and the Switch version, two completely different hardware. The result? You can admire it for yourself in the GameXplain video below.

Except for the obvious graphical downgrade, the Switch version certainly defends itself well. Of course, a confirmation will only come with the official tests and reviews.

If you are interested in other footage, below we have twenty minutes of pure gameplay Switch, again thanks to GameXplain, well an hour of play on Xbox Series X and a dozen minutes on the younger sister, Xbox S Series. Even in these cases, the result is certainly interesting:

At the moment, we don’t have direct gameplay is taken from the PS4Xbox One, or Stadia versions, but Google’s streaming service received a demo playable by everyone a few days ago, so you can test it directly and draw your own conclusions.

What do you think? If you are interested in Immortals Fenix Rising, which version will you buy?

Recall that the title will be released on December 3 on all platforms, complete with a Season Pass for post-launch support.