The popular streamer League of Legends Michael “Imaqtpie“Santana has commented on the current state of shooters, and he has explained how the role depends on the subjects being killed during a live broadcast on Twitch.

13 minutes of the game, imaqtpie, playing with Twitch, got a turret tier one on the street below while his means and his jungle rushed the inhibitor of the opposing team in the central street. While this was happening, the streamer commented some of the problems of the shooters as this is their primary role.

This is a four against five and I’m still focused on getting the puñetera wave of minions, because if I don’t, simply turn the game in a four against four“he said the streamer. “My Zoe, and my fucking jungle are having fun while they run and kill people and I’m sitting here… I’m literally doing my routine work while these guys are in a fucking party.”

Imaqtpie has not been the only voice in the scene that has complained about the state of the street below. Earlier this month, the average star of the G2 Esports, Rasmus “Caps“Winther, he commented on the upcoming changes for the handles and admitted that he liked to play the role in ranked games.

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“Once you have the objects, you’re strong, right?” asked Caps. “Well, basically it is frustrating to play [como ADC] up to that point. You feel like you work all over the world is to kill you and you just have to try to survive, and you don’t have the best tools to do this”.

For the fate of all the shooters Riot Games is planning to snort the role the next week in the next patch.

Marc “Scruffy“Yetter he detailed the changes coming that will come with the patch during the beginning of this week, bufos to the objects of Fervor and specific changes-centric “scaled” to Lucian, Kalista, Tristana and Vayne. Shooters will gain 30 life points and two additional per level.

The proposed changes to the ADC are programmed to the patch 10.11, that it will come to official servers on the 28th of may.

Article originally published in English by Rachel Samples in Dot Esports on may 23.