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The popular streamer of League of Legends, Michael “imaqtpie” Santanacommented on the current state of the AD Carry and explained just how dependent the team has become the role during a live broadcast of Twitch yesterday. 13 minutes of the game, Imaqtpieplaying in Twitchtook the tower of level one in the bottom lane, while their mid and jungle pushed the inhibitor of the mid leaner enemy. While doing so, he made some comments about his role as a primary AD.

“This is a 4v5 and I’m still forced to farmear the wave, because if I don’t, in reality it will be a 4v4,” said the streamer. “My Zoe, and my fucking jungle, all are having fun as running fucking killing people and I’m just sitting here … I Am literally working 9 to 5 while these boys are getting fucked party”, commented Imaqtpie.

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The is not the only voice in the scene which makes comments about the outdated state of the botlane recently. Earlier this month, the star of G2 Esports Rasmus “Caps” Winthercommented on the coming changes in the role and admitted that he liked to play AD carry in rankeds only duo.

“Once you get objects, you’re really strong, right?”. “But it’s so frustrating to play as ADC up to that point basically. Because it seems that … the work of all is to kill you and just try to survive, and you really don’t have the best tools to do this, ” said the AD Caarry G2 Esports

Afortunamente for the AD Carry, the next patch 10.11 will bring great camios for the role to summoner’s rift. This patch will be available on the 28th of may.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord