Huni has been one of the toplaners most important in the history of League of Legends. After passing through Europe (Fnatic) and north America (Immortals), the player Korean returned to the LCK, militating in SKT. After losing the final of the Worlds in 2017, he returned to north America, the region that has not been moved since then. Now, it seems that Huni already has a new team: Evil Geniuses.

Apparently, in its new contract the player Korean it will lower your salary.

The signing of Huni by Evil Geniuses it is not confirmed yet

According to a feature from ESPN, the toplaner Korean will replace Kumo as a player of the top rail on Evil Geniuses. In this way, the us organization would have a quintet initial really interesting though is to see what two imports can play.

Keep in mind that Evil Geniuses already has Jiizuke and with Bang, so that, to reach Huni, one of the three would have to be on the bench. Of any form is not a signing confirmed, as the CEO of Dignitas, Michael Prindiville, commented on Twitter that the signing is not yet closed.

Opens now a scenario really curious, in which Evil Geniuses will have to decide who stays and who goes. To be Huni the signing most recent, Bang or Jiizuke will have to go. The most interesting thing is that the midlaner of the team academy is also an import (Giyuu), so making changes on the central line, Evil Geniuses would have to find a player from NA.

As a last datum, Bang and Huni and shared computer (the SKT 2017)although it is not known the extent to which that factor will be decisive to decide who will be on the bench.

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