We will help you to play better Fortnite with the command with a series of changes and adjustments that you can make in a very simple way and that will allow you to boost the gaming experience with direct results in the game.

While console users will always have many more disadvantages than advantages to enjoy Fortnite on their consoles with respect to those who use a keyboard and mouse, the remote control also offers a series of added that if you know take advantage of you are going to give many joys.

It is for this reason that in this article we’ll recommend a series of adjustments that you can make in Fortnite to play a lot better with the remote on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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How to play better at Fortnite with the remote in PS4, Xbox and PC by making these changes in settings


This is not the first time that you recommend, and is an option that you can find in the tab controls. You have both the option of stick movement that is the sensitivity to the response that is reflected in the game, as the other option that we recommend that you put it as low as possible. And that is if you have the Deadzone at the time of looking at the 5 % attendance target will be triggered automatically when the contrast is jumping in front of you which will give you an advantage.

Always with SMG with command

If you’re looking for the best weapon for Fortnite you have to take into account the version of the game you’re enjoying or the control. For the players remote control, the SMG has proven to be more efficient given that it is a weapon simple to locate, the alternative grey is very powerful and works well the assistance pointed.

In addition, if you run towards a defensive structure of the enemy, you attack with your peak and then you switch to a SMG, you’ll have it much easier than if you are wielding a shotgun.

If you want to have higher percentage of success, don’t forget to place a pyramid on the floor as you get through the defensive wall of the opponent.

Curve entry view linear or exponential

Choose one or the other is related to your experience. If you do not know what is the curve input of the view, which is found in the section advanced in sensitivity in the settings, you will say that this aspect determines how to process the movement of the joystick control’s view.

If we have Linear is what comes to us by default, and if we put it in exponential causes the movements of the joystick have less of an effect, which in principle gives us more accuracy.

If you are a new player with a remote control, the recommendation is to use the one that comes by default which is linear, since it is much easier to build.

Although it seems that Linear is best, also we will tell you that if you put it in exponential you can make small adjustments to your aim, which will allow us, for example, to improve our shots at long distance if you prefer this style of game.

What is good is that the assistance to the targeted works perfectly the same both in the linear mode as exponential.

In this way, the main difference lies in the construction, where Linear is much more simple and effective than with exponential, although if you want to improve your shooting long distance you should choose exponential.

With these settings you will be able to play better with the controller Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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