One of the aspects that more controversy created currently in the meta of League of Legends are the short cures. Currently, there are many and very interesting ways to get sources of healing from very early stages in the games have a few mechanics that hinder them from existence.

First of all, the champions that apply to healing in a way direct. Today, picks as Soraka or Yummi they are completely out of control in the current goal. Soraka is a choice, and this split we have come to see settled in only lanes due to the ability to withstand in-line, pulling through exchanges to tankes and even to bruisers melee. Of course, needless to mention its function as supportwhere their cures direct are buffadas of fact.

Yummi is more of the same, a character with cures very strong in early against which there is no way to deal. In addition, the rush of Grail impure of Athene done soon to stop his suffering on the mana costs, making it impossible to play the line against it.

Short cures in AD

While the mechanics of short cures are well implemented in beats game, not have an adaptation in early. Completed items work quite well when the game is advanced, but they are nothing appetizing in the beginning, as they have a few base stats poor.

short cures

Call of the executioner is not well adapted to the early | Source: Amino

For example, Call of the executioner. It is an item for the situation, with a passive optimal, but nothing attractive. 15 damage ad with a purchase of 800 gold on characters such as shooters looking for a first item core deposit that includes Greatsword not worth it for anything worthwhile. In addition, adc’s early destined to dominate the line can not afford delay such a facet. And to finish, your final purchase Reminder deadly it is an item of late, not early.

Serious injuries in the AP

In terms of the ap, is implemented in a manner that something more optimal, but maybe with some changes in the passive would be better suited. For example, the Orb of oblivion that is just becoming Morellonomicon 15-20 minutes after. The item itself is penetration magic on a point in the game in which there is no resistance, and his final evolution applies anti cures. What if we invest such a situation? We would have a first object is much better for the early, and a final form is best for the time of the game in the for you finish it to take advantage of.

short cures

The rework of the Orb of oblivion left him as an object of penetration magical in early | Source: Riot Games

An object that seems to be slightly better adapted is the Costume enchanted —> Torment Liandry. The first provides a good base damage, and transitions to an item which complies with the restrained of his passive.

Small adjustments

To fix these problems, it would need some modifications. Above all, in the bot lane. If you Call in the executioner to submit a damage greater than the equalizing to other items in early, even that work of the recipe for another item that is buildeara with Greatsword, would make it much more appealing to shooters without forcing them to mortgage early.

In midI think that the changes would be minor. Investing the passive Orb of oblivion by any like Morellonomicon what would be better suited to the situation. At the same time, strengthen and improve mechanical as the rune of the Piroláser.

It is more, I think that the inclusion of any rune lower than that applied some type of burn and it was applicable to characters physical would further improve the phase lines against the cures.

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