Farmear in League of Legends it isto a large extent, finish off minions and monsters neutrals to get experience and gold. Novice players often believe that the most important thing in the game is to get murders, although this is not entirely true, as farmear in LoL must be the priorityespecially in the early stages of the game.

A player capable of not losing minions (or lose very little) during the the first part of the game (phase lines) will be face to arrive with force midgame and lategame.

Farmear in LoL: First bars of the starting

You play on line you play (except in the jungle, of which you have a guide on the web), the methods are the same. In phase lines, the toplaner, the midlaner and the ADC they should try to get the highest farm possible to get gold. The way to get gold is simple: give the coup de grace to the subjects. The experience will be achieved passively by being near minions that die.

To begin to improve in the farm, the first thing that plays is “learn” the damage that makes our champion in the different phases of the game. Normally, a novice player will begin the game with a start object (the Sword of Doran, Shield, Doran Ring or Doran).

The best thing you can do is use the tool in practice to calculate the damage. In the video that we have left up here, you can see how you hit the minions when they have very little life. When you have two subjects with the health low, and at the risk of losing one, Ashe uses her W to get to the two at the same time.

It is important that utilize the skills of your champions without fear if you see that you can lose several subjects. The best advice I can give for this first phase is that golpeéis to the subjects with the health low.

The last example of this section is to Lux. It is a maga that does not count with a lot of damage on their basic attacks, so, not to use their skills, it would be really difficult to maintain a good level of farmeo. With time, you will achieve find a balance between keeping the mana bar and use the skills to get subjects.

Farmeando under tower: how to get subjects under pressure

In many cases, you will find yourselves in a line in which your or your opponents I have been pressured under tower. We will tell you how calculate the damage for each type of minion:

Minion melee: when the tower to knock them 2 times, you will be at a basic attack.

Minion mage: golpeadles with a basic attack, that they hit the tower and you can finish off with another basic attack.

Minion of the canyon: these are somewhat more complicated to calculate. If you have any ability to damage, use this to get the gold.

farm lol under tower

Farmear under tower can be very difficult for novice players

As always, keep in mind that your own minions could hit minions enemies, doing the calculations above change. The best thing you can do is, in addition to take into account the calculations above, find the subjects that have the health low.

And after phase lines, what happens?

Imagine for a moment that rompéis (or break) the tower. From here, the thing will be something more complicatedwill be to take into account many more factors (where are my enemies? Is my line too depressed?).

With the time, you will learn to recognize when (and when not) you can get subjects. Finally, as you progress the game (and able to more objects), you will have more damage and eliminaréis faster to the subjects. As always, the only way of knowing how each champion is to play it, and there is a “standard” to which we can avail ourselves of.

The best advice I can give is to play many games. The practice makes the master, and the way to farmear of perfect form LoL is long, cheer up!