Fortnite is the game style Battle Royale the world’s most popular. Exceeds 250 million registered users and grows every day. With these figures, it is logical that there are players of all levels. From professional elite as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins until your sobrinito of 5 years, all kinds of gamers have been thrown from the bus battle. And if you hope to beat at least your nephew and get a victory, you’ll have to do more than just play with frequency. To Polish your skills Fortniteyou’ll have to optimize your settings, to study the tactics of the professionals and adopting a structured approach to improve your building skills and attack. With this guide you will learn how to improve in Fortnite; pay attention.

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Find the settings most comfortable

The settings of Fortnite

This council is not limited to Fortnitebut it is the first thing you should do before you go any further. Fortnite gives the players an control is extremely broad and about, well… the controls. Navigate to the Gaming section in the Settings menu and you will see several things that you can adjust. Try moving the following things:

  • Sensitivity of the mouse
  • Sensitivity when aiming with mouse
  • Sensitivity of the crosshair with mouse

If you play on a console or on a PC with a controller, set these:

  • Sensitivity X control
  • Sensitivity And remote control
  • Sensitivity when aiming with the remote
  • Sensitivity of the look of the control

Adjust these parameters until you find the point at which you feel most comfortable with. There are many guides written by gamers professional; you can try to mimic your settings. Just remember that in the end the important thing is to find what works for your skills. It doesn’t have anything bad to move these settings if you see that your skills are progressing and you think you’d do better with sensitivities higher.

Study the professionals

Fortnite World Cup

See other players on Twitch or in the Mixer is not enough. Study them in an active way. Think: why you chose that weapon? Why build this structure in that place? The decisions of the high level players have a lot of nuances, and if you don’t you examine with attention, you’ll lose many details.

When you have studied some of the best, try to mimic what they did. If you see that does not work, or simply don’t enjoy that style of game, test to observe another gamer. Continue this until you’ve found a style you want to master.

Practice building structures

The buildings in Fortnite

Regardless of the strategy you choose, you’ll have to hone your construction skills if you want to get the Victory Royale. Everything revolves around the “practice intentional”. It is not a question of arming the same structure weak game after game: you must learn from your mistakes.

Do not you manage to build so quickly? Work on your manual dexterity for lifting walls to a great speed. You create a shelter in strange places? Find out how they are entering your enemies and take the necessary steps to correct this. There are many things you can do wrong in the build; it is important that you understand what causes you more problems and solutions.

One of the most common mistakes is building too. Since the storm will be on the heels constantly, do not waste resources at the beginning of the game. It is better to wait and build when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you’ll have to expose yourself to go to collect more materials in the heat of battle.

Practice your aim with the best weapons

Firing a weapon in Fortnite

The last step to improve your skills in Fortnite it is one of the more tedious; you have to invest hours of practice. One does not improve their marksmanship of the night to the morning – even the best players take years to master their technique. However, there is a way to speed up the process: to practice with the weapons correct.

Although not all weapons are so particular as those of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (where the players are studying meticulously the patterns of recoil of each gun is different), anyway each weapon in Fortnite has its nuances. The M16 is a common weapon that you can find in a game, so it must be one of the first to try to dominate. The bullets begin to spread out when attacking targets far away, and learn to touch the trigger while you shoot is key to inflict considerable damage.

After the M16, test the shotgun tactic. Look at how much time passes between shots, the distance to which is more accurate, and even how to quickly switch between two guns different.

One of the more powerful weapons in the game is the SCAR, and you’ll have to master if you want to play at the highest levels. It is handled in a manner similar to the M16 but it has its specific details. In addition, it is a weapon difficult to find. When you have one in your hands, make sure it’s worthwhile, because you could spend a bit of time before you see another.

Improve your skills Fortnite it takes time

A scene of Fortnite

Become a better player Fortnite it involves a lot of work and patience. When you’ve found the ideal settings, you try to replicate the style of your favorite players. Improve your building skills and your aim is a long-term project. In addition, Fortnite it is constantly updated, so be sure to be aware of the new weapons or locations that are added to the game.

Epic Games allows players to share maps creative by means of codes. If the normal game you get bored, jump on to one of these maps creative and see what you can do there. You can still practice your aim, and see the game from another perspective is always useful.

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