A survey shows that the gaming and Esports had a boom during the period of compulsory isolation in Argentina

While the video games online and the Esports they come having a steady growth over the past few years, with the enforcement of the quarantine for the online participation increased to record levels.

This is borne out by a report released by Telecom. In fact, detailed that the traffic in some game titles came to grow more than 300%.

The explosion of gaming in quarantine was based on a 20% increase in the number of players and in that, in addition, 40% of those who have been playing markedly increased their activity.

What were the games chosen? How much time they devoted to the argentine? How is it communicated? All that and more, in the following infographics made by Telecom.

Data of consumption of video games and Esport in quarantine

Grand Theft Auto V it was the game that most growth in online had during the quarantine period. Its use soared 315%. Remember that in a time of isolation the company’s Epic offered free of charge in your store, which may have contributed to its sudden rise.

The weight of heavy duty eSports, such as League of Legends (+108%) and Fortnite (+240%) also had growth rates highlights.

Experience Gamer in quarantine

During the quarantine, the growth in the use of the internet for gaming grew 69%.

Not only the players who were already fans of the online activity, they do so with more frequency, but were joined by new ones: the number of gamers online grew 20%, according to the report of Telecom.

Growth of users gamers on mobile networks

An interesting fact revealed by the report of Telecom and Flow is that, with more time available, the players took to the games “hardcore” (which require the most dedication) and set aside the titles casual.

So, you see a dash in the number of users of Call of Duty (+343%) and in the multiplayer Arena of Value (+95%).

Experience Flow Gaming XP: Flow and its commitment to eSports

During recent years, Flow participated in the growth of ESports in the local scene by adding new professional skills and championships amateurs, transmitting the contents in vivo and by integrating them the platform to view them on demand.

The end of the Closing of the Master League Flow League of Legends was made in the stadium construction Works in 2019, it was a sign of the interest in eSports.

The event drew more than 1,500 young people who saw the live final and more than 4,500 users that continued to stream through Flow.

The end of this year, in the context of quarantine, was seen by more than 18 thousand fans who followed the definitions of League of Legends and Counter Strike through the channel 601 of the Flow.

In addition, Flow incorporated new video gamessome more specific use-in mobile platform as the Clash Royale or Free Fire, and other video game desktop, as Fortnite or the same as League of Legends and Counter Strike.

Also, presented the eSuper League Flow, the league of eSports of the Super TC2000, and accompanied the most important events of Argentina to bring together the gaming community, among other actions and powers.

And now, through its partnership with Nocturns Gaming, allows you to add new skills and games to your participation.

Currently, Flow is a sponsor of 11 teams in Esports and provides connectivity in their Gaming Houses and also participates as a Naming Sponsor of the team Flow Nocturns Gaming, being the first sponsorship of this kind in the country.

All the summaries from the league, and the finals can be followed live by Flow Gaming XP – Channel 601 of the FLOW – and are available to view on demand on the platform of entertainment.

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