One of the most popular video games all over the world at this time is Fortnite, a title of the genre Battle Royale that virtually you can download it on almost all platforms, but although it is very popular, there are people who still don’t know what it is or why it causes so much commotion, so, let’s go step by step to explain what it is and what it is about.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game free the studio Epic Games (the creators of the original trilogy of Gears of War) of the gender Battle Royale that you can download to your PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

What is Battle Royale?

A game of the genre Battle Royale can be defined as “all against all”. Usually, these games have a online arena, where up to 100 players can go collecting weapons and other items that will help them defend themselves; in the case of Fortnite is an island of great size that gradually begins to shrink, forcing players to face off against each other until in the end, is only one.

How much does it cost?

Download Fortnite doesn’t cost anything and you can do it on the platform that you like more, even if you don’t have a good PC or a game console, you can try to play on your smartphone.

Now, there are some additional costs that you should consider. In the particular case of the Xbox One, the game can be downloaded for free but you need an additional subscription of Xbox Live Gold to be able to play, in the case of the PlayStation 4 and the Switch is not necessary to have hired PS Plus or Switch Online.

Each season presents new challenges, missions, and brings with it a variety of cosmetic enhancements that you can acquire in two ways: by buying “V-bucks” with money real or by completing the game missions.

How do you play?

The first thing that you must do is download the game and create your account; this is done, you must select one of the available heroes with a set of different skills. There are heroes that are balanced, heroes are very agile but they resist less, and others who can build faster and better to find more items.

Once with your character ready, you enter a room of practice, but then, you jump from the “Battle Bus” to the survival.

Tips to get started

The idea of Fortnite is to survive, be the last player on the island to be crowned champion. To achieve this you must be cunning, agile, and learn to think like the others, but that’s just it, you’ve playing a lot and learning from your errors, however, there are top tips that may help you.


Waiting as much as possible before taking the plunge

Don’t avientes vacuum immediately, let the rest of the players what to do and see where they are falling, so you have a better chance of avoiding them from the start, and also you can find more items that you can use, of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fight for your life, but it is more likely that there are less players.

Rationing your items

It is best to drink the potions small before drinking the great. The small bottles you get 25 points of protection while the large give you 50, but a you get to 50 points you can not consume a small bottles and will only take up space.

Looking for weapons simple

The assault rifles and SMG are your best options when you’re learning to play because it let you do damage from far away, they shoot bullets at a good speed and you find ammo easily, the pistols and the shotguns with for players more advanced as you need more accuracy, or be very close to do any damage.

Pay attention to the rarity

The arms color gray are the most common and of little utility, follow (in scale of rarity) the color green, blue, purple, and golden, the latter being the more damage they do, so if you see one, don’t hesitate to take it.

The audio is important

Whenever you can play with headphones, and not because you want to avoid that, listen to the noise in the house but because with the headphones you’ll be able to hear more clearly the sound of the footsteps of the players, or the address of where they come from the shooting, so you’ll be able to hide or build something that serves as a defense.

Protect yourself before you heal

In Fortnite will not only have to “hunt” other players, you also have to protect yourself and to do this, you can build fences or walls that seem to serve this purpose. Whenever you’re in danger, it first builds a barrier between you and your enemy because the action of drinking a potion that will regenerate energy takes around 10 seconds, time in which you can’t move and you’re left totally exposed.

Don’t let yourself down

Except at the start of the game, we do not recommend that you let fall from a height of three stories your hero already receives damage, the higher the fall, the more will be the damage you receive.

Always on top

Whenever you can, or when the situation warrants it, it always tries to place you in the area more high, even if you’re on a hill, try to build something that will give you a little more lift. In a map where there are 99 people trying to kill you, it will always be good to see them come, but it is also important to plan an escape route.

Not all are weapons

Always try to have in your inventory, grenades, bands and potions to heal you. Pomegranates are very good for the destruction of the fortifications of the enemies (especially if you aim for the lower part). The potions serve to heal you if it is that you think that you still have ability to continue with life or to help any member of your squad that you need.

Do not destroy all the trees

In order to build you need wood, and the wood you get by chopping down trees, but if you demolish completely alone you will be telling the rest of the players that have already spent out there or that you are very near, in place of that, starts to cut and stop when they go to 50% life, so it will not be so obvious, and anyway, you’ll get materials.

Choose well from the beginning

Fortnite will try to put you in a squad at random, which is not bad at all, but if they are a pro, it is safer that you leave behind and not do anything to defend yourself, so make sure you choose well, if you want to play alone or with someone else.

Agachate and do not make noise

As well as you can listen to come to the other players (so you need headphones), they also can listen to reach or flee, in these cases it is best to try to be silent and crouch to do the least amount of noise possible and escape from the danger, of course, if you already saw a little will bending, and the best will be to run until you no longer can see you.

If you’re not very good, you will have to pay

While it is not necessary to spend a penny to play and enjoy Fortnite, unfortunately the best skins and items come in the season pass, and for that, if you have to pay. Your cost is 950 V-bucks (USD$9.99), and includes challenges and other things.

Do not forget your axe

You can break almost whatever with your axe, so if you don’t have grenades and don’t want to waste bullets, you can use it to destroy the fortifications of the other players.

First uses the Playground

If you have already tried to play online and not got very far, practice in the playground, there you’ll have the time and space needed to explore, to familiarize yourself with the weapons, skills, etc

Don’t forget the materials

Sometimes by trying to escape or look to other players we forget that the materials for building are essential, the best thing you can do is get used to run around and gather materials.

To learn more about Fortnite or download the gamecan have access to this league.