The first games of Teamfight Tactics may overwhelm any type of player. Without too much explanation and without the intermediacin of any tutorial, the autobattler from the creators of League of Legends launches the player ms of 50 champions, several classes, orgenesand a large number of objects

In short, a heap of variables that you must take into account when building the team. And are the synergies between the different members of this team that can lead you towards the most sweet of victories or the most bitter (and easily) defeats. That is why below we are going to dedicate this space to advise on the creation of buils or compositions and everything that you can do to shine in your games.

Balances high-level characters and characters of high range

This is even more complex than it appears at first. One of the errors most common of novice players is to think that the most important thing is the level of the charactersthat if you get to have several of them with three levels of stars is better than having a character ms powerful with a level ms low. In the majority of cases, this is not as.

But as bad as that mentioned in the for previous is to not level up your characters to sell them later and make a team only champions of rank or tier high. The key here is in the balance, in the strategy in the medium and long term, and in the ability to have combinations malleable that they can adapt our planning if the randomness of the shop of champions, and of the objects plays against us.

how to create the best builds in TFT

Therefore, it is essential to think about a team in which some of the characters from tier 1 (those that appear at the beginning of the game and cost 1 gold) to remain in the combination, at the same time that this is going to expand and using synergies with champions ms powerful.

If we base our team in characters of rank 1 uploaded to level three stars (for that we will need to purchase nine units of that champion), we can go very well in the early rounds, but as the opponents get characters from tier to high with skills that can turn a match, we will be quite crude.

Do not groundwork your team in classes and orgenes “rare”

Equally, to base a team in the synergies produced only by combinations of classes and orgenes with few members it can get pretty bad if luck is not on our side; let us remember that the playability of TFT is based on the RNG (randomness) and, therefore, the player not only fights against seven other players, but also against the numbers and percentagestherefore it is useful to have in mind data such as the possibility of occurrence of characters of high level.

Continuing with the synergies, it is essential to know the bonuses that shall be our champions by mixing several of the same class or originas well as the inherent synergies among the various classes and orgenes, which in many cases are lgicas.

The ideal thing will be to create teams that balance the CC (the control of the masses, that is to say, the ability to disable one or more members of the opponent) and the daoalthough there are also strategies that are intended to make all the dao’s possible to quickly.

Tricks and tips to create builds in TFT

Avoid combinations formed only by tiers high

There is also that avoid basing the strategy on the mix of classes and orgenes, in which all the members are high-ranking. If in a group of items, there are no characters of rank 1 or 2, mean that building the ideal team results from level 3, quiz’s too late.

It is for this reason that the majority of builds ms popular used by characters of all ranks. Because besides ace podrs start build them from the first bars of the game, something that in many occasions can make the difference in TFT.

Keep in mind the objects, and experiences


Finally, this whole thing combinations of characters, classes and orgenes add another layer of complexity ms: the objects.

These also are linked to a random system; we cannot predict what objects we are going to touch upon each phase of confrontation with the enemies, even if we are going to play (it happens quite often that we spend much of the game without any object).

  • The objects are 9 main different.
  • Combine between them a time to generate others.
  • Our recommendation, ms all of instaros to know inside out the results of these mixturesis that no intentis to cover the weaknesses of your characters with objects, but to enhance your best features.

Keep in mind that all these tips are not recommendations absolute, because there is always that take into account the combinations of team of the other players, and in a game like TFT, where the updates are constant and the additions of content frequently asked, the change of a figure can vary from end-to-end the formation of teams. That is absolute is that to be a great player Tcticas Teachers there is no study builds, but get to know the characters, the objects and the synergies such as the palm of your hand to be able to adapt to the situations presented in each game section to section. Good luck!