Here you have the guide with solution to all the challenges of Storm the Agency in the new mission of season 2 Chapter 2 of Fortnite. A large assortment of challenges that you can unlock various prizes.

If you have pending any of the above challenges, here you have the of Report Brutus of the week 1 and week 2. Here is also the Trial of TNTina of the week 3 and week 4, the of Antics of Miaúsculos of the week 5 and week 6, the of Adventure of Skye of the week 7 and week 8, of Mission of Midas of the week 9 and week 10, and the of Domination of the Location of the week 11 and week 13.

Challenges of Storm the Agency

These are the challenges of Storm the Agency and his solution:

  • Lands in The Agency: the war of this week will be combat in The Agency is something that they are going to make it very clear these last challenges of the season. The only thing that you must do in this is to land on the building in the center of the map.
  • Survive circles of the storm: tap hold 10 changes-circle of the storm through several games. The typical challenge that goes almost without wanting to.
  • Opens a chest with lock faction in different bases spy: touch to travel up the bases to spy and take advantage of the costume -or kidnap a servant – to open a chest on three different bases. Sew and sing.
  • Nothing about hatches in The Agency: surrounding the lake on which is located The Agency there are five hatches that will probably have something to do with the event of the end of the season. To complete the challenge you simply need to swim about one of them.
  • Removes minions in different shelters: taking advantage of that we go for the chests in the challenge above, it is worth going off minions. We’re going to finish soon, because we only need to finish three of them.

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