With the reprocessing of Volibear now live, Riot is celebrating the update by giving away free League of Legends skin.

The short story “Silence for the damned” portrays the god of thunder as a terrifying monster of terror dream, exaggerating League fans for its release. But when they revealed the first visual concepts of the update Volibear, some fans were disappointed. So Riot is compensating the misunderstanding with a bear skin Thousand-Pierced for free.

Here we show you how to put your hands on the skin horrible.

League Players who have been owners of Volibear before or during the patch 10.11 will automatically receive the mask of bear thousand drilled free of charge. Riot will start to turn masks today at 3pm CT and will continue its distribution until the 10th of June at 3pm CT.

Fans will receive the mask as soon as they log on. Therefore, if you buy Volibear, you need to re-login to claim the new cosmetic.

Those who are not able to engage the skin of the Bear Thousand-Pierced during the Patch 10.11 will be able to buy it in the store for 975 RP.

While the community definitely appreciates the mask free, the players should not get used to it. Riot explicitly told to create a mask free is not something I plan to do for future updates of champions.