To the casual viewer of League of Legends you can get lost a little in the more complicated concepts of the competitive. The coach of Cloud9, Reaperedexplained in a simple way how it works a draft competitive LoL.

How to work a draft competitive in LoL

According to Reapered, the draft should start with the player and the champion. Throughout the video, used a analogy really interesting: a collectible card game (as Legends of Runeterra).

Basically, each champion would be a letter, so that to more champion pool, the larger the number of cards you have available for that player. However, it also makes it clear that the state champion is not the only thing that affects the effectiveness of the draft.

Puts the example of Sett vs Aatrox, a matchup in which, in this example, would win Aatrox. However, each champion has their pros and cons, and the ability of each player with each champion will greatly influence the outcome of the game.

There are many factors that will influence the end resultas the skill of the player, the matchup, the condition in which they found that day, the intervention of the jungle… it Is important that players have a champion pool wide to have more options, but it is even more important for professionals to learn to play well a champion in order to improve their chances of winning.

If a champion counters another but the player turn do not know/do not use it all that well, then this counter will not do anything. It is also important to have more of a game profilebecause if the player only plays one type of champion (mages control, for example), the opponent team will have it easier to contrarrestarle.

In the end, the more negative conditions may have a computer, the more weak it will be, and the more positive conditions you have, the more strong it will be.

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