In this new series, we’re going to bring a chapter of each one of the roles of the League of Legends. Will be tips for all those who begin LoL. In this first episode we will talk about the Top Lane or the top line.

What are the main things that you have to know that you know the Top Lane?

Keys of the Top Lane

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The top lane is one of the longest lines of the League of Legends, it is exactly the same as the Bot lane.


They usually carry two summoners in the top line: the Teleport Teleport and Lighting Ignite. To begin it is best to have the Ignite/Ignitesince the Teleport requires a greater understanding of the video game and control the waves of minions.

In our start as a player of League of Legends who else mate, you win. It is for this that the lighting works very well in the fighting 1 vs 1 on the top line.

What champions are played and which ones are the best?

They usually play champions tanks (with little damage and that are hard to keep), or a mix of champions with damage and with a lot of life. Frequent champions with physical damage (AD) although you can also play champions with magic damage (AP). In addition, with the patch 10.5 the champions at a distance do less damage to turrets so that they usually play champions body-to-body.

The champion par excellence is Garen. It is very easy to play, and your final along with the Ignite you can surprise any opponent. He is a champion that always works very well to begin with.

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Tryndamere |Source: League of Legends

Other champions that work very well on these levels, and that can lead you to victory are, Darius, Tryndamere and Dr. Mundo. The first two have several things in common, but Dr. World differs more from the rest. He is a champion that does a lot of damage but has a lot of life. If you hit in melee with an enemy with the final activated is very complicated to kill you.

What is my role as a top laner?

At the beginning, your role is to get the highest number of kills and minions. The subjects are more important than kills if at the beginning is to prioritize the latter. If you manage to kill more minions than your opponent you will have more gold and, therefore, you’ll be able to buy more objects to be more strong.

You have to understand that the Top lane is a line quite lonelyso it is sometimes complicated that will help the jungle by some “gank“. It is a line that depends more on the individual level of each player that of other factors.

Tips extras

The most difficult thing perhaps is to know what is the good choice of runes and what are the objects that you have to buy. For this there are some web pages regarding in these aspects and that may help you.

On this website you can watch what to buy the professional players of League of Legends with this champion, and what runes they carry. In addition, it also tells you what is the skill that you have to climb in each level. It is highly recommended to start.

To know what champions are strong in every patch there are websites like Lolanalytics or who report on the champions with more Win Rate and Pick Rate of the patch.

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