If you’re just starting out in League of Legends, you probably have thousands of questions. Already told you how to play on the top line in an article, and we will introduce you to each role in a total of five articles. Today, we are going to talk about the jungle, one of the roles most difficult for the newly initiated in the lol.

Keys of the Jungle

The jungle is the line most bizarre of all the game, because is divided into a total of 4 sections.

jungle lol location camps

These are all the camps in the jungle | Source: WikiLeagueofLegends

As you can see, there are a total of four sections of jungle, two on each side of the map. These sections can be found in the top and bottom of the map, and each jungle will have two sections on the side of your computer. Normally, and especially at the beginning, I recommend you to ciñáis to the jungle on your side of the map.

The jungler the team you get experience by defeating the camps of monsters you will find in the jungle, they will regenerate with time. Monsters red and blue will give us a buff, being red is an improvement to the damage and the blue-an improvement to the cooldowns and the mana regeneration.

Another unique aspect of the jungler are own objects in the role. At the start of the game, each jungle, you should buy the Talisman/Machete of the Hunter. These objects can be improved, and should be the first object to end up with, because will help you greatly to kill the monsters more quickly.

warwick jungle lol

Warwick is a good champion to start in the jungle

The last mechanical important that you should know about a jungle are the gankeos. The junglerin addition to kill the monsters of the jungle, also you must help your teammates to try to kill the opponents (or opponents) of the time.

The action of attacking a line is called gankear, and when done right puts the team of the face to get the victory more easily.

Summoner spells, the jungle LoL

By default, the jungle (and any champion) you should always have equipped the Flash (Flash). In addition to this spell, will need NECESSARILY have the Crush (Smite). Crush is the unique spell of the jungle, which allows them to do damage true monsters of the jungle and regain some life.

smash jungle lol

When using Smash, we will see how a light hits the monster turn

It is important that the jungler newbie see the Crush as an important tool to their role. In addition to being able to do a lot of damage to monsters of the jungle, we will get a good handful of life that will help us to continue to remove camps.

What champions are played and which ones are best for newbies?

In general, the jungler can have papers of any kind: having characters of physical damage (Master Yi), of magic damage (Fiddlesticks), tanks (Amumu) and even support (Ivern).

If you are just starting out, the best thing you can do is use characters with mechanical simple. We are going to recommend the two champions easy-to-par excellence: Master Yi, and Warwick.

Master Yi it is a character that has a kit of skills very useful for novice playersbecause it has an ability of healing in time, an ability to jump on enemies and the ability to do more damage. With its ability to final you moveréis faster and pegaréis faster, so that I also may come in handy for gankear the lines of your colleagues.

master yi jungler

Master Yi is another good option for your first games in the jungle

In terms of Warwickhas a lot of healing thanks to his skill passive and your Qthat , in addition to hurt healing. Another of his abilities gives movement speed and attack speed additional against enemies with less than half health, and with his last basic skill reduces the damage you receive and you can terrorize your opponents.

Your ability final allows you to give a big leap forward and do damage while the enemy is helpless, making their gankeos be really dangerous.

What is my role as the jungle in LoL?

Normally, a good jungler must have the ability to clean camps of monsters at a good pace. In addition, if you work out a few gankeos successful, will give a good advantage to your peers.

The other key role of a jungler are the two monsters important that will be in the map. On the one hand, there are the dragons: a few powerful creatures that cannot be killed solo in the early levels and that will be an improvement for the rest of the game the team mate.

When one of the teams has killed four dragons, get Dragon Soul, which will give them a buff. When one of the teams has won the Dragon Soul, will the Elder Dragon, a creature that will kill a team and that will allow elimination of a single blow to those enemy that have a 20% (or less) of life.

Dragons Lol

The dragons may be of 4 elements: wind, ocean, infernals and mountain

The dragons are on the bottom side of the map. The Herald of the Crack will appear at the top, and the team that get beat it will be with a Eye of the Herald. This object will take the place of the guardians of vision, and pressing it will invoke the Herald, which will go to the line nearest enemy and give a powerful head butt to the nearest tower. According to the minute at which it is to beat the Herald, it could appear another more.

The last monster is important is the Baron Nashorthat will take the place of the Herald of the Crack from minute 20. This creature tends to need the entire team to be defeated, and the team that gives him the coup de grace will get 300 gold to each playerin addition a powerful buff that will boost the minions of a team, to make the task of destroying towers much more simple.

Tips, specials for new players to jungle LoL

Yes, we know that it has been a lot of information. If you have doubts with the runes and itemsyou can take a look at Probuilds, a web in which you will see the elections of the professional players.

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