Whenever a new console is launched, there are obviously a lot of new games coming up. PS5 of Sony will offer various possibilities to users, although very few titles are experiences only for next-gen, while many others will be cross-gen games.

What makes this generation different from the previous one is the almost full backward compatibility. Maybe you are planning to go back to playing some game, or maybe you have ignored Sony’s PS4 offers. Whatever the reason, there are many old games available, including two highly rated ones from Guerrilla Games.

The developer confirmed on Twitter that both Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone: Shadow Fall will be playable on PS5.

Both will also allow for the transfer of saves from PS4, with Shadow Fall even reaching 60 FPS. If you’re not familiar, Horizon Zero Dawn was the studio’s latest game, an open-world adventure that is about to receive a sequel for PS4 and PS5. Shadow Fall, on the other hand, is the studio’s previous title, the fourth in the Killzone series, which was a launch game for PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone: Shadow Fall are now available on PS4 and PS5.