Riot Games continues with its initiative to reward the players who come to honor 5, a system for determining which players will be well-behaved games, helping, advising and being good summoners on the Rift.

This season 2020, the players that reach this level of honor will be rewarded with 2 chromas of aspects, particularly of Warwick Gray and Twitch Medieval.

Next to these aspects, the capsule of honor 5 will also have an emoticon and an aspect of guardian random. That is to say, we will not be able to choose what we have to, but the rewards are expected to materialize by honor 5 in any way.

Yes, you will receive the symbols of the aspect despite not having them on the property. In this way, you’ll be able to unlock them later although at the time of the rewards of honor, 5 not the have.

These rewards will come in the patch 10.11

These gifts by getting to honor 5 will apply to the patch 10.11 that, if you don’t know what changes there will be in addition to these updates, you can read the article of the preview here.

Finally, if you don’t know how it worked exactly the honor system of League of Legends, we’ll leave you here the thread official Riot Games with all the information about it.

Remember, Summoner’s Rift is a place where fun and competition coexist in equal partsand it is always better to be a player friendly and helps others that one toxic and dinamite the future of the game with negative comments.