Xbox Series X and Series S are finally available worldwide, but their main partner, Halo Infinite , isn’t with them. Initially expected at the launch of the next-gen Microsoft, the 343 Industries title was unfortunately postponed to 2021, after the negative reactions of the community to the latest gameplay trailer.

The developers have promised to take advantage of the feedback and to resubmit the title in the future, when they have made the necessary changes and upgrades.

Unfortunately for fans, it has been several months since that trailer, and we haven’t heard from Halo Infinite since. We even ignore the current state of play. Even Phil Spencer has remained remarkably quiet on the subject, merely confirmed their confidence in the team.

Today, after this long period of silence, 343 Industries has finally communicated something: this is not a new reveal or some important update, but the promise to be more open in 2021.

Through a post on the blog of Halo Waypoint, the community manager John Junyszek admitted that the team was a lot quieter than what has been announced the postponement, however, promising to change the situation (without going into details) in the coming months.

” We know that you are all very eager to know the status of work on Infinite and that due to the various circumstances that prompted us to postpone, we have been silent more than we wanted. We are working with the team to provide you with an update at the end of ‘year and we promise to be a lot more communicative in the coming months. Also, since I will be away for Thanksgiving and a wedding, our next Community Update and the last one of 2020 will be on December 17th. 2020, I think we will finish this year with something strong. “.

343 Industries has already confirmed that Halo Infinite will not be present at the Game Awards 2020 , the last major videogame event of the year, so we ignore what the intentions of the developers are regarding this “end of the year with a bang”. We just have to wait and hope for something surprising. What do you think?

Halo Infinite is currently slated for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2021.