The absence of Halo Infinite at the launch of Xbox Series X/S may have been a disappointment for many. The lack of new first-party titles for Microsoft’s two next-gen platforms has made many fans turn up their noses. Phil Spencer , however, thinks there is a silver lining to this situation.

Speaking with The Verge , Spencer was asked about Halo Infinite and its postponement to 2021 with the Xbox boss who specifically said he wanted the game to come to console launch. ” We wanted Halo at launch. We thought it would be a great time for us as Xbox .”

That said, Spencer doesn’t think the situation is entirely bad. Not only did he say that Halo Infinite will now definitely be a better video game in the long run, but it will also arrive in a time frame where the Xbox Series X and S will be easier to buy. ” In the long run, I think what will happen is that we will have a better Halo game at an auspicious time when people can actually buy a console. I feel positive about that. I think the game will be better thanks to the time we give it. ” , has continued.

Spencer reiterated that the postponement decision was the fairest and went on to say he is looking forward to future Xbox Game Studios titles.

Halo Infinite is expected in 2021 and will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. In the near future, 343 Industries has promised new updates on the game.

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