Fans Fortnite are suffering from the hacking of their accounts on the part of cyber criminals, who then sell them to other players to use their valuable boxes of loot.

Although Fortnite is a free-to-play, players can buy some items to customize their characters, while others are unlocked as progress and compliance challenges.

The “booty” further does not provide any competitive advantage, however the ability of players to improve the look of your character by buying costumes or emotes that can cost a little more than 10 dollars.

Hackers steal and sell accounts Fortinte

According to a report from Mirror, the victims located in the United Kingdom have suffered the loss of their accounts with hundreds of hours invested in to get your items, worth thousands of pounds. The criminals have ceado a black market that links buyers unscrupulous with real accounts and with a lot of progress.

One of the victims, Shannen Neary, said he had lost his account valued at a thousand pounds. The player saw compromised your online account for PlayStation that contained 300 games, with a value of 10,000 pounds in total (more than 13,000 dollars). The young student of 25 years, said it became aware of the hacking when your account was disconnected suddenly while playing.

Realizing that it was hacked, Shannen had to change all of your passwords.

Realizing that it was hacked, Shannen had to change all of your passwords.

Later, he received an email from a 12 year old child in Germany, who claimed to have purchased your profile for 100 euro through an account in Instagram called

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But the problem does not end with his account of PlayStation and articles in Fortnite: the affected account that since then, they have entered their e-mail from countries such as Finland, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Korea. Due to the amount of personal and banking data, has been in contact with your bank to avoid fraud.

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