The event Fortnite Device Event and the 3 season are just a week away. We are so eager to explore these new POI as you, but we still have to hold your breath and expect we won’t see another delay.

The final event of the device appears to be safe, for now, so here is everything you need to know about the next event for Fortnite. If it is half as good as the concert of Travis Scott, then we will be satisfied.

When is the event of the device Fortnite?

Epic has delayed the device event and the new season three times since the start of season 2. The delay most recent delayed The Device Event from the 6th of June.

The new date is now Monday, June 15, at 2 p. m. EST (11 a.m. PST, 7 p. m. BST). This is probably the final date of the event, but we can never be so sure.

The event of the device leaks

We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen when Midas activate your device, but some leaks have shown the consequences of The Agency.

These images show an Agency destroyed, which means that you probably will not pass the 2 season. We also have leaks widespread that the map will be flooded and the water recedes in the course of the season 3.

Apart from that, all we have are theories and rumors. Some have pointed to Hydro Dam and The Visitor based on a few small clues, but that is only speculation.

The best way to watch

The best way to see the event will be in your own game Fortnite. Log in to the game early to ensure your place. It is almost certain that there will be an LTM for the event, so that it enters in that mode and get ready to look at.

If you can not see the event on your own, you can tune to any transmitter popular to see it from their perspective. People like SypherPK, Tfeu, Dakotaz, Ninja and many others will likely be transmitted to your reaction to what happens.

The user of Reddit u / temmeridodido even made a guide to see the event. The date and time are now incorrect, but the points of view still serve as a guide for the best view of the Device.

So, there you have it: everything you need to know about the event of device Fortnite. We will keep this publication up-to-date with any new information we receive. With luck, this will be the last countdown for Fortnite Season 3.

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