We continue with our series of guides of champions in League of Legends. Today we bring you the guide to Twisted Fate with Omnistone, made by a challenger, Coach Curtis.

Guide Twisted Fate with Omnistone


runes Twisted Fate Omniruna

The runes do not have too much mystery. You can change the Delivery of cookies by the Desmaterializador of subjects, and the Layer of the halo by the Band Mana. In regards to runes small, we want attack speed, damage and magic resistance, as we have before a build hybrid.


With his passive, TF you get extra gold when killing a unit. Your Q throws 3 cards that come out in a cone, with your W we chose a letter that will be applied to the next basic attack (recover mana, stun the opponent or slow down in area) and your E it is a passive that give bonus attack speed and make extra damage every 4 attacks.

Finally, your final will reveal all enemy units and allow you to teleport to a point on the map that is in range. In the First 3 levelsgo up the W, E and Q. Then, the order of rising skills will be Q -> W -> E.


objects guide twisted fate omnistone

To be a build hybrid, we have a little bit of everything. Basically, we want to start with Potion of corruptiongetting in the first backs the Seal Dark and the Revolver Hextech. If we play against a composition with lot of AD, perhaps you’re more interested in the Bracelet of the seeker.

According to Coach Curtis, the core (the objects that we ought to be in 99% of games) are the Trinidad and Cannon rapid Fire. If you are going Far aheadperhaps you want to finish the Sword Gun to make a snowball.

Once you have the core and the boots (choose between the mercurial, the tabi and the penetration magic), we will be able to complete the build with the above mentioned Sword Gunthe Zhonyas (something extra), the LPG (the other option if we don’t do the Saber Gun), the Guinsoo (to paste more quickly), the End of the wit (if we want to increase our magic resistance, get attack speed and heal us if we are regular of living) and the Spellbinder.

Guide Twisted Fate with Omnistone: how to play it

Notice to boaters: play Twisted Fate is NOT easy. If we add to that that Omnistone force us to be in constant adaptation, we find a pick VERY difficult to play and extremely fun.

In early gamewe will focus on farmear while bother the opponent with our W (try to also apply the passive of E). In mid gameseek help the rest of the lines with your final (pingead and coordinaos with your team to make engage before you use the R).

The big difference in this build compared to an AP more traditional is the power spike. This TF hybrid will have a power spike most early (the revolver), has more capacity of adaptation (obviously) and you can fight targets with your jungle in early.

In addition, by having sources of physical damage and magicalmay not deny for this TF completely. ALWAYS keep in mind the rune that you have equipped, farmead whenever you can (for your passive) and be aware of the jungle.

Finally, in late game you will be able to do split push easily with your ultimate or help your team in teamfights thanks to the versatility of TF (red letter for area damage, letter, yellow to stun some carrythe Q to bother…).

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