In the first patch of this set 3 TFT, Mordekaiser was one of the most popular characters. With the passage of time, has been falling into oblivion, although in this guide Avant-Garde + Dark Star, is one of the protagonists.

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Cutting-edge + Dark Star in the set 3 TFT: Mordekaiser will end up with all

This composition is VERY demanding in that object refers toespecially in the case of Mordekaiser. However, if you work out, you will have to a real monster with the compositions enemy will NOT be able to deal with.

In the phase 2 touch save, then we’re going to need as a minimum have to Mordekaiser 3, being the ideal scenario to have to Poppy and Jarvan also the 3. To do this, we will save during the phase 2 and we will hyperroll in the phase 3-1 or 3-2. As always, seek the streak of losses or wins (if it wins, go up a level if it is necessary to keep it).

Until that time, seek out the 3 champions already mentioned in conjunction with Karma and Lux (if you do not find, seek some carry of early, as Ahri). Once you may have to Morde and 3 with the objects that you are going to tell you, you should get to stabilize your life.

After the hyperroll, recuperad your economy, as we are going to need level up to generate interest to find, Karma, Shaco, Lux, Jhin and Xerath. When you have the composition completed, no opponent should be able to be able to deal with Mordekaiser, which will become more and more powerful as they come dying the rest of Dark Star.

What objects to equip each champion

Mordekaiser: Claw of Dragon (our primary means of resisting magical damage). Vest Brambles (our primary means to resist physical damage). Resolution Titanic (more damage and more resistance).

Karma: Guardian angel (to be able to return to life to give shield to Morde I will be very interested). Shojin (the more mana we generate, the more shield you will give Morde).

Poppy: Fragment of Dark Star (to be the frontlane, die fast, giving you more damage to his mates).

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