During many occasions, in almost all games League of Legends, we are going to hear terms such as ‘push‘, ‘freeze‘, or ‘pathing‘. With some we are already quite familiar with, although some are derived from the most common, are less well-known. That’s why, in this small guide we will explain what is the ‘bounce back‘ the waves’, a term that emerges from all the vocabulary related management of the minions.

To do this, have to very clear some basic terms in the handling of waves as a ‘slow push’ or ‘freeze’, which are more general and that we know in advance.

When you can bounce the wave?

Really, you can do whenever you want, depending on how much you want to take the tower. When you get to the enemy tower, you have several options once it starts to attack your minions: you can follow pusheando, or by last hit. If you follow pusheando, you’re going to stop the wave within the range of the tower, or near; if you opt for last hits, you’re going to get the wave enemy back towards you.

Academa LoL guide bounce back

Number of minions more that you need to handle the line | Source: Mobalytics

The goal main ‘bounce back’ is to seek the preparation for freezear the line near the range of your tower. Once you get the surge of the enemy is bigger, you’ll make the push to be against you. From here, the key is to only lasthittear and apply the enough push to keep the wave near your tower.

For what it is used for and when to use it

Obviously, if you have a pick that you’re always going to this pressing and roameando, you don’t want to do bounce. You have to resort to this when you go to stay for quite a while online, managing waves, and in some matchups. If pusheas very hard when you get to the tower, it is possible that your wave to finish in tier 2 of enemy towers, leaving the opponent recovers at the farm and may even refuse to farm with the help of the jungle.

The bounce is very useful to prepare a freeze, for example. Thanks to this, you can deny quite farmeo the opponent, as long as you have a certain ‘advantage’ in line. It can also serve to prepare a gank for your jungle, forcing the laner to get out of your safe zone. Or also driving the surge to your advantage to provide a farmeo more secure.

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