In today’s episode of Esportmaniacos Summer Talks, the second after the talk with the Head Coach of MAD Lionswe have had the pleasure of chatting a good time with GrabbZ, Head Coach of the team from G2 Esports in the LEC on various issues related to your computer, the changes of position, the LEC, and with a great emphasis on Worlds. The interview is now available in our Youtube channelalthough we leave a summary of the same below these lines.

Grabbz, convinced about its domain in Europe and the possibilities of G2 Esports on winning the world cup

During the interview, the Head Coach of G2 has shared the background to the change of position that will take the Caps back to the middle lane and Perkz at the position of the shooter. “Despite the fact that we are with the meme of 200 iq is all the more a thing that the two do not want to play AD much as a half, and we think that Perkz is the most mature at the time to play a role in the that they don’t enjoy as much as a half. Caps need their outplays and stuff.” Looking towards the split of summer and Worlds, the technician G2 thinks that “right Now there is no unbeatable team,” and that despite the fact that any of the 4 chinese teams that go to the world could win it perfectly, they are with good chances to win the title that both are resisted.

Beyond this we have also spoken about the general level of the LEC, and under the opinion of GrabbZ we are still behind the LPL, although he said that the fact that the teams choose players rookies only means that Europe will improve in time. Don’t miss the interview!

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