From some time ago in this house I come to report how to get turkeys free for Fortnite. Here, there are no shortcuts or tricks, or cheats or anything to cheat the system, I simply list the tasks or quests that the game will be adding randomly so that you can get the precious loot.

And it’s important because you’re going to need a good amount of turkeys to be able to get the new masks that come to Fortnite. Today we tell you how to earn at least 75 other Turkeys additional. Although you can get more.

Get Turkeys free for Fortnite

The only thing you have to do during the day, and until they change the missions, is to do the two tasks you are ready to go in this entry. The mission of the two point will be found in “Forest of stone”.

  1. The first is to go to the way to Save the world and complete the daily assignment. Here are going to give you between 50 and 100 turkeys.
  2. The second thing is to go to the area of the city in Forest Stony and overcome the mission of Ride the Lightning; with a base level recommended starting of at least 28. Here you can earn 30 Turkeys, points of project experience, experience points, survivor, Seasonal Gold, and 102 tickets for events.

It is impossible to not be able to start this mission since it is set in the first area of the game. No longer need to resort to the trick of the partys private and you can do this with any companion online.

Jose Angel

Jose Angel

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