Despite the fact that it is a bit late and that we will count only with a little more than two hours to complete the missions available during the day today, once more and as is usual in this house, we will tell you the best way to get a few Turkeys extra for Fortnite during the day today.

As we always do before start to explain the details of the special missions available during the day today, I recommend you clear the daily quests available in the way to Save the World, because it usually is the easiest way to get between 50 and 100 turkeys every day.

Get 85 Turkeys free for Fortnite

Unlike the last special mission is available; in this occasion we will be many more that we can access the mission of today without much difficulty, since this will take place in Valley Latoso, third zone unlockable mode to Save the World of Fortnite.

The mission of today will consist of Deliver the Bomb in The Outskirts of Valley Latosofor that I recommend have reached at least level 58. In addition to the rewards common as Gold Seasonal or Experience Points, also get 35 Turkeys. Perfect for the Pass of Battle of Season 3 of Fortnite.

If you have not yet come to Valley Latoso, you will be able to complete this mission since the departure of a friend that if you unlock this area of the way to Save the World from the popular title Epic Games.

Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

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