One more day, and as is usual in this house, we will tell you the best way to get a few Turkeys extra to spend on Fortnite and prepare well for the arrival of the third season of the popular battle royale of Epic Games.

Before entering into the details and as we do always, we recommend that you clear the daily quests available in the way to Save the World of Fortnite, since that is the easiest and fastest way of to get a usual income of between 50 and 100 Turkeys every day.

Get 90 Turkeys for Fortnite because of the way to Save the World

Despite the fact that usually the bulk of these missions usually take place in Forest Stony or Village Board, this time not everyone will be able to access it in a simple way; because on this occasion, the mission takes place in Summit Woodythe last area to be unlocked in the campaign mode of Fortnite.

The mission of today will consist of Place the Pump in the Outskirts of the Village Board. This mission is a little more difficult than usual, so I recommend you to have reached at least level 116 before trying to overcome it. But all great effort comes great reward, and it is that by overcoming this mission will obtain a large amount of experience points, gold, seasonal, and a few more that deserved 40 Turkeys.

If you have not yet reached Summits Woody, you will be able to complete this mission since the departure of a friend that if you unlock.

Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

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