You already know that from Generation Xbox, we like to keep you informed of how to get a few Turkeys extra to use in Fortnite to complete a series of simple missions available in the campaign mode of the title Epic Gamesknown as Save the World.

As we usually do before entering into the details, I highly recommend that you first clear the daily quests available, with which you will be able to get in a very simple manner between 50 and 100 Turkeys extra in Fortnite( see in-game daily quests available for the day today, but normally tend to be very simple).

Turkeys free for Fortnite to fulfill this mission

Despite the fact that in the last few days we have had the luck that these special missions take place in the first areas of the game, on this occasion, the thing gets a little bit more, because the mission of today will take place in Valley Latoso, third zone is unlockable mode to Save the World of Fortnite.

The mission that we must overcome in the day of today will be Delivery the Pump in the Ghost Town, in the area of Valley Latoso. Despite being a mission to relatively simple, we recommend you to have reached at least level 58 before you try to overcome it. By successfully completing this mission will get experience points, gold, seasonal, and a more than deserved 35 Turkeys.

If completáis this simple task and all the daily goals, you will be able to get a minimum of 85 Turkeys to spend on Fortnite so really simple. Remember that if you have not yet unlocked Valley Latoso, you can join a friend’s game who has unlocked the area and make the daily quests in your game.

Santiago Carrillo

Santiago Carrillo

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