In Genshin Impact they want to deny you your account. Beware of scammers who want to earn money with your game data.

Although Genshin Impact is not an MMORPG, accounts with the appropriate game data can be worth a lot. After all, when praying, the game’s gacha system, there are some rare characters that you have to wait a long time for. Many a player even invests thousands of euros just to get their favorite. An account with rare characters is definitely worth something – scammers want to take advantage of that.

How do you recognize fraudsters? In fact, this type of fraud is easy to spot. The scammers want to lure you to some website where you have to enter your account details. The cheat sites use the game’s official artwork and can therefore deceive at first sight.

It is usually enticed with the promise that you will get a popular 5-star character for free if you register and take part in the event. After all, some players are very emotionally attached to the characters.

There is, of course, no such event and after the account information has been released there is usually only one thing: A bitter awakening when you can no longer log in because the fraudster has changed the data.


Stealing accounts is particularly easy with Genshin Impact because many accounts were initially created without being connected to an email address. If you have the login data for these accounts, you can easily change the password and effectively steal access.

What do they want with the accounts? In most cases: sell. Accounts for Genshin Impact are offered on eBay or other platforms and vary greatly in price, depending on the adventure rank achieved and the characters present. Many accounts cost several hundred euros, sometimes they even reach into the four-digit range.

Accounts are sold on platforms like eBay. This is neither wanted nor allowed by the developer.

Events are always visible in the game: Even if Genshin Impact can seem a little confusing with its many menus, you can easily see which events are currently taking place in the game under “News”. This is all done via notifications in the game; you do not need to visit a website externally.

The only exception here is redeeming promo codes. We have explained here how this works safely.

Have you already received such scam messages? Or do you know someone who fell for it?

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