Genshin Impact is getting a new story questline for one of its characters. We’ll tell you how to unlock it.

Many players in Genshin Impact have already arrived in the endgame and are hungry for new content. After all, the game’s story is far from over and the daily grind options are limited. A new series of quests about one of the characters comes in handy. The Astrolabes chapter about the character Mona will be activated even before patch 1.1. We’ll tell you how to unlock it.

When is that possible? The quest series will be available from October 26th – so already next Monday. After the usual maintenance at 5:00 a.m., the questline should be available.

What requirements do you have to meet? In order to play the Mona quest series, you have to be quite advanced in Genshin’s Impact. You need:

  • Adventure rank 38
  • The Noctua chapter 1 “The Darknight Hero’s Alibi” must have been shot down
  • A key to unlock story quests

You can collect the keys as soon as you have reached Adventure Rank 26. You can get a key for completing 8 daily tasks and unlock new story quests. You can do this via the quest page, which you can simply select next to the minimap. So far there have been quest series about Klee, Jean, or Venti – a character who caused a lot of frustration.

What is the questline about? What exactly the Astrolab chapter is about is not yet entirely clear. However, it can be assumed that the quest will be rewarded with a lot of Adventure EP and that you will also get to try Mona in combat. After all, she is one of the coveted 5-star heroes and quite high in the tier list. The quest series will probably ensure that you long for this heroine even more and direct one or the other prayer to her.

Are you looking forward to the new quest series with Mona? Or do you prefer to wait for the big patch 1.1, which brings many new features and improvements?

Your opinion? Discuss it with us!