Genshin Impact, the open-world game inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild developed by Chinese studio miHoYo, received the Best Game of the Year award from Google Play.

” To be recognized as the best game, a title must exceed expectations and offer compelling, accessible, and distinctive experiences. And this year’s winner does not miss anything, ” reads Google Play.

” A journey through farmlands and cities teeming with life, immersed in majestic views from breathtaking heights. Explore the vast world of Teyvat as you gather a team of intrepid travelers who aspire to learn how to control the elements. Genshin Impact impresses us with its broad breadth and ambition. Recruit characters to fight within a world full of detail and beauty. Combat is fast and fluid: every fight is a sight to behold. Quite simply, it’s the best game we’ve played this year. ”

The game, currently available on PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4, recently received an update that improved it on the PlayStation 5. The next-gen title runs at almost stable 3360×2160 and 60FPS.

A port for Nintendo Switch has already been announced, but there is no release date yet.

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