In Genshin Impact you get many and most of the strong characters through a gacha system. Individuals are advertised as highlights for certain banners. This gives them a guarantee that they will be found. But even that can be quite expensive.

How do you get the best characters? Gethin Impact currently has more than 20 characters, with those with the highest star rating usually tied to the gacha system.

Specifically, that means that you have to spend premium currency with which you can buy “prayers”. The veterans can be embraced in-game, but the easiest way to buy them directly for real money. In the prayers acquired with it, in turn, there is a character with luck – with very good luck:

  • The chance of a 4-star character is 5.1%
  • The chance of a 5-star character is 0.6%

However, there are also guarantees given by the developers. So you are guaranteed to get a 5-star character for all 90 openings of the same banner. In addition, there is a 100% guarantee for the latest character Klee . But even that can get really expensive.

Up to 440 euros for guaranteed characters

How exactly does the guarantee work? The banner “Flaming Steps”, which is guaranteed to give you clover, has a special effect:

  • If you draw a 5-star character, the chance of clover is 50%
  • If Klee is not there in the first drawing, the chance is 100% when you draw a 5-star character again.

Statistically, you get a 5-star character every 167 openings. However, by guaranteeing that there is a 5-star character in all 90 draws, you will get one more often.

Now let’s assume that you don’t have any additional luck and the first guaranteed character is not Klee, you need exactly 180 prayers for Klee.

What do the prayers cost?

  • One prayer costs 160 veterans
  • So for all 180 prayers, we need 28,800 primary rocks
  • 1 Primeval rock corresponds to a creation crystal. And that’s exactly what you can buy for real money.

Even in the package with the best price-performance ratio, we get 6,480 Creation Crystals for 109.99 euros. There are 1,600 bonus crystals on top – that is, 1.3 cents per bedrock.

If we now calculate with the required 28,800 primary rocks, this will cost the equivalent of 374.40 euros. However, there is no such package. So you would have to spend the € 109.99 four times and then have 19 bonus wishes left. Even in combination with the cheaper package, you will not get a better value because then you would be missing veterans.

What does that mean now? Of course, you can embrace yourself, of course, you can be lucky and need fewer wishes and yes, there are a few extra wishes, depending on how many 4 and 5-star characters and weapons you get during the openings.

But this value of 374.40 euros is the guarantee that the developer gives you on Klee in case everything else goes wrong. Even for the 50% chance, you would have to invest around 180 euros.

However, other characters do not have this guarantee. Almost all of the best characters in Genshin’s Impact come from the prayers and have no guarantees. Here it can happen that you have to spend thousands of euros to get it.

And that’s exactly, besides the original resin in the endgame, a big criticism of Genshin Impact. More and more game content creators have recognized this.

The YouTuber Tectone, for example, says he has once addicted to the gacha himself. Now he only buys the prayers in the game to save you from doing stupid things: