Comes the Feast Master

The new update 12.50 it has introduced a mode that had been concocting lies in the last few hours, and that it has finally been released in an official way. With the new mode, Party Master, the player will land on an island of small dimensions where the only mission is to interact with the rest of the players in a peaceful manner, being able to compete in some mini-games, fish and debug your technique of skydiving with pads of shock.

The weapons that will be available will not cause damage something in the players that are on the island, and our mission, if we feel like it, will be to complete some of the many mini-games they are dotted around the island, such as race boats, race quads or tours by zip line. According to the description of the own way, it is a new experimental space that is in continuous evolution, so that we may see new developments continuously.

Do you have any function?

The idea of this Party Master is that the players can have a good time with other players, whether they are friends or not, without thinking that the time passes and the cloud of the storm is closed. Without fear of falling brought down by the shot of someone or a precipitous fall, this mode will try that the island is a new meeting point in which to pass the time.

Sailing by the island we can find a cinema to the open field, a stage for shows, a soccer field, a fishing lake and even a pirate ship.

Fortnite Party Master

Seeing the peace and joy that reigns in such a way, we might think that the next events that are held are on a compound controlled as this, however, seeing the magnitude that had the concert of Travis Scott and the technical deployment, things may not change too much and the main island will continue to be the center of attention.

How to play in the Party Master?

To enter to this mode we would just have to choose the option in the game type and start playing. The game is complete with squads of four players, but also will be filled in automatically if you are not enough. Once inside, you’ll be able to visit all the places with complete peace of mind, so explore and feel able to overcome all and every one of the records registered in the minigames.