Although Xbox cannot boast the massive amount of exclusive IPs that instead characterize its direct rival PlayStation, those few in its possession are considered real excellence in the sector. In the case of the racing genre, Microsoft’s Forza series is undoubtedly one of the most famous.

An Xbox console cannot be complete without a Forza chapter and, in fact, on Xbox Series X and S we will soon be able to play a new Forza Motorsport. The question of course is: when?

At the moment, Microsoft has limited itself to announcing its existence, but the release date remains unknown. Insider Jeff Grubb, who has proved to be quite reliable in recent months, wanted to have his say about it, during the last The Xbox Empire Podcast, but his statements surprised everyone a bit: he has not revealed the date or the period of release of the new Forza Motorsport but has stated that before its launch, we may have a new Forza Horizon in our hands.

” We saw a Forza Motorsport teaser a few months ago. I think we may get the new Forza Horizon sooner and even as early as next year. So yeah, I think they’re in a bizarre situation where, for some reason, the PlayGround title looks ready to go. come out before Forza Motorsport. I think I know the setting, but I’ll wait for them to announce it. “.

Usually, Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon, developed by Turn 10 and PlayGround Games respectively, alternate to ensure a new racing chapter every year. The last published was just Forza Horizon 4, so everyone was expecting the new next-gen Forza Motorsport first, but it seems that this will not be the case, again if we take Grubb’s statements for granted.

Logically speaking, the situation certainly seems bizarre, but it could make sense: PlayGround Games has expanded significantly in recent years, and with the launch of Series X and S, the team is now in charge of the Fable series, with a new chapter already announced. and expected in the coming years. Maybe they now have enough manpower to develop these two titles simultaneously? Or, in view of Fable, had they already “carried on”?

One thing is certain: if Forza Horizon 5 really comes out before the new Forza Motorsport, Microsoft won’t keep the secret much longer, so we just have to wait for future announcements.