On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Star Warsthe May 4 (a play of words with “May the Force be with you“/”May the 4th be with you“), return to the store turkeys of Fortnite the skins of Star Wars. This is the first time that they are available for purchase during the Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2. We will tell you what deals there are, and what is all the content of Star Wars shop:

Fortnite: return to the store of turkeys skins Star Wars

The first time that these objects were added to the game was during December of 2019, as part of the promotion of the Episode IX of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Remember, also, that there was a event of Star Wars which could see a scene of the film before its release.

Having already put in a situation, we return to the topic at hand. This is all the content of Star Wars that has appeared in its own section of the store turkeys Fortnite Battle Royaleavailable for purchase from the 02:00 CET, may 3, 2020:

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 skins star wars

The objects of Star Wars have their own section in the store of turkeys
  • Lot of Fighters Stellar (includes the delta wing TIE Fighter of the First Order, and the delta wing-Wing-And): 1800 turkeys
  • Lot of Order and Peace (includes pico Stick Riot, the peak Pole of the King and the peak Vibroguadañas): 2000 turkeys
  • Skin Kylo Ren + Backpack Layer Kylo: 1500 turkeys
  • Peak Vibroguadañas: 800 turkeys
  • Gesture Dark Side: 200 turkeys
  • Skin King + Backpack The Jedi Order: 1500 turkeys
  • Peak staff of King: 800 turkeys
  • Skin Sith Trooper + Backpack Blaster Sith Trooper: 1500 turkeys
  • Peak Cane Riot: 1200 turkeys
  • Gesture Thumbs up: 200 turkeys
  • Delta wing-Wing-And: 1200 turkeys
  • Gesture ¡A Traitor!: 300 turkeys
  • Delta wing TIE Fighter of the First Order: 1200 turkeys

It’s missing some key items from Star Wars, as the skins of Finn and Zorii Blisslaunched previously. We do not know if they are added to this section of the shop during these days.

Return the lightsabers of Star Wars, Fortnite

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 skins star wars

We won a game of Duos, thanks to the lightsaber of Kylo Ren

In addition to all of this content in the store of turkeys, of Fortnite, Epic Games has announced that the sabers of the Jedi return to the game temporarily:

The Day Star Wars is on the 4th of may 2020so that we hope that all of this content remains in Fortnite until, at least, on the same day.

Sources: Twitter/FortniteGame, Fortnite Battle Royale