On the 10th of April 2020 took place on the event punk’d in Reels Engaged in Fortnite Battle Royalethanks to the collaboration between Epic Games and the platform Quibi. It is the first event in-game of the Season 2 the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2. I we have, then, of what we tried:

Fortnite x Quibi: event punk’d, all you need to know

At around 20:00 GMT, 10 April 2020, Spools Committeda place on the island of Fortnite pretending to be a drive-in outdoor (and where is it produced event of Star Wars the past December), broadcast episodes of punk’d, a tv program of pranks hidden camera created in 2003 to MTV by Ashton Kutcher.

However, we didn’t have to Kutcher as host of the program; in 2020, was re-launched on the platform of short videos for mobile Quibi taking as a presenter to the artist Chance The Rapper. And it is precisely this last and most recent version of this program of humor of the received content in Fortnite, as it has been announced from the official Twitter account of Quibi:

Some dataminers, as Lucas7yoshi they were able to see this live broadcast within a Fortnite, pretending to be projected on the movie screen of Reels Committed… or tried to, because, by the looks of it was very rugged:

We have ourselves been able to verify that, indeed, has not applied any restriction to the players to the time to reach this areaso that it was perfectly possible to build to cover the screen, or kill each other.

This has had as a consequence that this particular debut has been, as a minimum, upgradeable. And we have been lucky to have been able to witness part of the video.

By the looks of it, it was intended that there be a game mode specific to be able to enjoy this content, but somehow it was not enabled to time, and is working on it, as stated from the Twitter account of support from Fortnite:

UPDATE 11/04/2020 16:01: Has been enabled the game mode “In playback”, thought to be able to see the event without problems:

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 quibi punkd punk'd

In this list of game we will be able to view the videos punk’d relatively safe

In this game mode no weapons, although you can build, which implies that it can cover the screen and difficulty vision.

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 quibi punkd punk'd

We are witnessing live one of the videos of punk’d on Quibi

Does not seem to be very well thought out, because in addition to being able to build, there are objects that hinder the to be able to see this event in terms. The videos of punk’d on Quibi can be seen on Reels Engaged in Fortnite at each time point, every hour, until an unspecified date.

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