Clear from 2019, has been pushing the scene of esports and video games in the country with Clear Gaming in different titles such as League of Legends where they have created the tournament Clear Guardians League. This time the lovers of Fortnite may also participate in the Clear Gaming Squad Cup with S/ 20 000 in prizes.

From this Saturday, June 13 we will have the “Warm Up“(warm-ups) that are game-friendly, non-official, as prior to the main tournament and will be transmitted from 17:00 hours Peru by channel Clear the Gaming platform Twitch.

Participate and win with the Warm Up of Course Gaming Squad Cup

Fans of Fortnite will be able to participate in these meetings, for it must be present in the channel of Discord of “CLAROGAMING” if you want to play and be a part of this experience prior to the tournament. The “Warm Up” would be friendly of 20 squads (teams of 4 players), competing 3 games by date.

THE DATA: Enters the Discord of “CLAROGAMING” here.

Among the participants of the “Warm Up” will be present well known players of Fortnite as Young Yino and Rampagewho are ambassadors of Logitech. In addition, we will have the participation of the members of Clear Gaming as Retrotoro, Gabu, GG Riza, Arándana, Statik and Oscar Soto.

Viewers in each transmission will be able to know more details of the tournament Fortnite and will be able to consult on the registrations, awards, dates, duration, among others. Between each meeting the participants will be interviewed and viewers will be able to interact with the managers of the transmission.

In each transmission there will be a sweepstakes for viewers to win it will have to be attentive to the dynamics that take place during the program. The fastest and observers can participate by using the chat of Twitch streams of Clear Gaming.

THE DATA: You can enter the Twitch of Course Gaming here.

Dates and hours of the Warm Up

Saturday June 13, | 17:00 hours Peru

Saturday June 20 | 17:00 hours Peru

Saturday June 27 | 17:00 hours Peru

Registration and awards of the Clear Gaming Squad Cup

Entries will be available through this link from the May 26th to July 05. The teams will participate in mode ‘squads’, that is to say, in groups of four players. Each game will be broadcast via live streaming and will feature commentators specialized in gaming.

Participate around 160 squads that will be divided in two series of four dates and a final. The end of the 1-series will be on 5 September and the end of series 2 on November 14, the absolute end will be the November 28,.

The first place win S/. 4.000 and four headphones Astro A40 (valued at S/ 4,000), the second place S/ a 2,000 and four keyboards Logitech G815 (valued at S/ 3,000), while the third place will be awarded S/ 1.000 and four headset Logitech G Pro (valued at S/ 2,000).

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