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Fortnite vs Warzone: the new war of the battle royale


Fortnite has never had a real competition. It is true that Apex Legends made things a little complicated for a couple of months, but it ended up deflating with the passage of the weeks because I couldn’t follow the rhythm that is marked from Epic Games.

When he left the Warzone became to grow nervous because of the spectacular numbers they got in the first few days. However, with the passage of weeks has been losing some strength, although it has been kept in a few data very good, but far away from the Fortnite.

However, since Activision want to give back to the game to make it more competitive by copying one of the elements that best work for the people of Epic Games; live events. It is clear that it is not a simple thing to do and that is not the magic formula for attracting an audience is usual, but if that can be an important factor.

Above both events are going to meet in the same week. The next 2 of June is the expected change of the season 4 of Call of Duty. On the other hand, the 4 of this month, what comes to be two days after, comes to light the new stage of Fortnite.

By now we know rather little of what is going to happen in both games, but we already have some clue. In Call of Duty have been opened the bunkersthe dam is starting to leak and the sounds of zombies and the dog is still growing.

In what refers to the title of Epic Games, it has begun a countdown over the agency that makes reference to the new event. For now, there are no clues about its subject but does not take long to start putting small details.

It is clear that no matter what happens this week Fortnite is going to remain the absolute leader of the battle royale, but if Call of Duty is able to make a good event and bringing new content to the map with a mini story behind it is possible that the forces are equal.