Epic Games is back with their latest patch important for Fortnite, with the update 13.30 launched on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo, Switch, and mobile devices Tuesday, July 21, that brings with it some major changes in the map and new LTMS for the summer welcome Event.

We all know that water is the name of the game “Is-3” in Chapter 2, Fortnite, with the whole map underwater. However, in recent weeks, the tide has begun to spread, revealing new places to measure that returns the land to dry.

With the update 13.30, the water has turned to fall, because the Summer Splash continues, offering fans more LTM to sink their teeth.

The event Summer Splash of Fortnite continues with new LTM.

Gas stations

The big news in the update 13.30 Fortnite are the new service stations, that have been added as part of the preparation for the incorporation of cars at some point in the near future.

The locations have received a new modern look, with the players probably forced to come here to fill their cars when they run out of juice, so that they can continue to drive around the map in search of a real victory.

Summer Splash LTMs

The event Summer Splash of Fortnite is underway, with Epic by adding some more modes of limited time for players to enjoy in the latest update.

In an email sent to the creators of content, Epic confirmed that Payback !, Catch !, and One Shot would appear in the next few weeks, although it is not confirmed what would these game modes.


Many had hoped that this update finally saw Cars appear in the game, ready for players to lead and enojaran, but unfortunately they have strayed, with Epic explaining that “many of the vehicles on the Island have been withdrawn from the market”.

The reason behind the delay has yet to be confirmed, but it is likely that the developers have found some issues before putting them in operation, and have decided to delay their launch until they have been solved.

Fortnite 13.30 Update of bug fixes

As usual, the team of Fortnite has also added a series of mistakes and problems to their board official Trelloincluding the corrections to planners, the deactivation of Whirlpools, and other fixes.

Here is the full list of changes of errors in the update Fortnite 13.30:


  • Inability to edit floors, and ceilings at certain angles.
  • “Block input method as a mouse” does not block the method of entry.
  • The mouse cursor appears on the PC when played with the controller.

Battle Royale

  • Update of support of party
  • Hot tubs are disabled temporarily.
  • Place a map creator cancels the movement.
  • The replays are not saved on the PlayStation 4.
  • Gain XP of Objects collected temporarily disabled.
  • “Lands in Frenzy Farm / The Yacht and ends up Top 25 without counting in Duos / Squads.
  • Slow speed of the glider after re-deployed in certain situations.
  • The XP bar can be visually incorrect for a party. Leveling incorrect.
  • The jug Chug Bottomless Ocean cannot be picked up while charging if another player drops it.
  • The drops of supplies in The Authority are not open when they are logged in.
  • Rings floating is not visible on platforms in the configurations lower.
  • Black rectangles that appear behind the player when you turn back in the storm.
  • The slide does not work properly in The Authority.

Creative mode

  • Consumable items do not remain on the items Spawn Pads in Creative on mobile devices.

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