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Fortnite it is a global phenomenon that has extended beyond video games. The game of Epic Games has a large number of collectibles, including several types of toys.

Of course, Funko has released diverse products of Battle Royale. If you are a lover and collector of the line of Funko Pop!, you’ll be excited to know that a new line of figures Fortnite comes in his way.

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So look the new Funko Pop! of Provided

Funko confirmed a new partnership with Epic Games to release a series of 5 figures more than Fortnite. Thanks to this, fans of the title will be able to have figures Funko Pop! characters like 8Ball and Galaxy.

In addition, the collection includes Ghoul Trooper, Blackheart and UltimaKnight. The figure of 8Ball will be sold in exchange for $10.99 USD, while the rest of the Funko Pop! it will cost only $8.99 USD.

If these products need to call your attention, to take into account that your pre-order is already available in Mexico. The figures were offered in exchange for $259 USD on Amazon Mexico. Below I leave you with a picture and the links available to pre-order the figures:

Funko has not revealed official release date of these figures. However, its product page in the online store indicates that it will be available from the 20th of July.

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Fortnite is available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Looking for more information related to the Battle Royale in this page.