If you’ve been following this week related news Fortnitethen you’ll know that the game is in the middle of a legal battle. Epic Games, his development company, has sued both Apple as to Google after these two companies to remove your game from their respective stores for cell phones. But despite this, the study is not to announce new additions to the battle royale itself.

This time it has presented The Last Laugh Bundle, a package for Fortnite with different characters of DC Comics. While we’ve seen Batman and Aquaman in the game, this time the package will focus specifically on the villains most well-known of the franchise. Specifically, Joker and Poison Ivy (Poison Ivy) will be part of the package, in addition to Midascharacter original Fortnite that appeared last Season.

This is another collaboration with DC Comics, as have already done several with Marvel. But the interesting this is that this is a special package, a format which has not been seen much on the field of battle royale. What we say by the way in which it will launch: will U$S29,99, and will be available for purchase both in digital form as in physics. Will be to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Oneso that will not be on PC nor in mobile phones, perhaps because of his altercation legal with Apple and Google.

For all of these platforms will be made available in the November 17,. While both have also confirmed that it will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the next generation consoles that will come to the end of the year. For these, there is no confirmed date. What is certain is that in addition to the content that brings these three characters, it will also bring to 1,000 Turkeys, which is enough to purchase a Pass of the Battle.

As for the rest of the content in yes, not only have a skin of the Joker, but the same will also come with extra cosmetic that will accompany you. These are the gesture, Choose a letter, the peak bad Joke, and the backpack retro Riot of laughter; all based on features iconic of the character. Meanwhile Poison Ivy will come with her outfit iconic; and Midas will be with a new feature called King Midas.

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