Epic Games has decided to postpone, once more, the arrival of the third season of content for ‘Fortnite’. Confirmed the offset it has been announced that the game update will arrive on the 17th of June to all platforms where it is distributed to the Battle Royale. The first breach of the time limits took place the past month of April: the season was scheduled for the 30th of this month, but ended up moving up to the 4 June and subsequently to the 11th of the same. On all occasions, alleging the need for more time to ensure the correct development of the content.

Now, the reason for the displacement until the 17th of June is different. Epic Games has followed in the footsteps of other companies and has decided to support the protests that are taking place in the united States. “The team is eager to move forward with Fortnite, but we have to to compensate for the release of season 3 with the time for the team to focus on themselves, their families and communities“.

“The recent events are a stark reminder of the injustices still present in our society, from the rejection of the most basic human rights until the impact of racism both subtle form as fully open against people of color. We are very aware of the pain that our friends, family, team members, players and communities are feeling these days. We believe in equality, justice, diversity, and inclusion; fundamental values that are above any political“highlights a statement posted on its web site.

In addition to the new season, Epic Games has also postponed the in-game event ‘The Device’, which has been relegated to the Monday, June 15. Recently, Activision also postponed the launch of the new season of content for ‘Call of Duty’ and Sony decided to delay the presentation of the games for the PS5, an event that finally will be held on the 11th of June. In regard to the famous video game, remember that you can play for free to ‘Fortnite’ on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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