The teasers of the Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 do not leave out. The fourth teaser this new season of the game has appeared in-gameat the start, and as we have been able to verify ourselves. The Season 1 the Pass Battle you have the hours counted, as it is planned to change of season the Thursday, February 20. We will tell you everything we know about this new teaser below:

Fortnite Chapter 2: the fourth teaser of the Season 2

On this occasion, the teaser, in addition be accompanied by the corresponding publication in social networks, the players have been surprised by a strange video when you start Fortnite at 1 in the morning of February 18,, hours peninsular Spanish. We have been able to see the video that tops this news.

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 fourth teaser

The image of this teaser

The publication of the official account of Fortnite on Twitter is this:

As you can see, the final message has been decrypted:

Transmission Intercepted
Source == Au

Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic tablean element that has given a lot to talk about these days, as several objects gold began to appear by the map.

This video, of just a few seconds long, shows uncensored the face pixelated in the third teaser… although the face is still covered by what appears to be the mask of the Agent of Chaos, the second teaser. We don’t have the slightest idea who this mysterious figure, but one thing is certain: the Twitter accounts from data miners and members of the popular community as lucas7yoshi or HYPEX are that flyovers with each new information that comes out to eye-dropper of the Season 2 of the Pass of Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2.

In addition, if we look at one of the sides of the image, it seems to be indicating that there is a door open at the foot of a mountain. This can make reference to that the doors of the bunker that is in the emblematic place called “Confidential”, in quadrant G7 of the map could be opened.

fortnite chapter 2 season 2 fourth teaser

Can open finally the doors of the bunker?

Each time is less for the new season to start, and no one knows for sure what it is that is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games, meanwhile, continues to generate buzz with regard to the Season 2, Fortnite Chapter 2. Touch be patient, and wait a few more days.

Source: Twitter/Fortnite_ES, own elaboration