Fortnite: Battle Royale est to the doors of to conclude its Season 2 Chapter 2 and it comes to concocting lies in the last week that Epic Games has prepared a event that close by high throughout the current season. Until now, the rumors continue, but it seems that we already have clear one thing: date for this last event. In the lobby of the game has appeared an account back that confirms that it was already missing less than a week for us to enjoy.

Date and time for the final event of the Season 2

As I decamos, during this last weekend has appeared an account back in the lobby of Fortnite. The cronmetro can be seen with a colorful number red. Doing calculations, this has back come to an end the next Saturday, may 30, 2020 at 7:05pm BST / 8:05pm EST / 2:05pm EDT / 11:05am PDT. That is to say that in hours peninsular Spanish happens to the 20:05 hours in the afternoon.

The event can be enjoyed in Spain the next Saturday, may 30, 2020 at 8:05pm CEST.

However, although the event will take place this weekend, do not forget that Epic has delayed the start of the Season 3 a while ago and was scheduled to start June 4 2020. As that most likely is the event to be a holding to finish Season 2 and then they are about last das for d the start of Season 3because you have meaning that the date will continue for the da 4 for to be on a Thursday (the usual for updates to the Battle Royale).

How to be the event?

The account back for the event as it is a fact, but now many of us wonder how to be the same. The ms insurance is that when the account back comes to an end to enable any game mode temporary to be able to live the live event. The rumors in the last few weeks have been talking about that what is more likely is that the current map of Fortnite receive a considerable change. The theory with ms power is that different parts of the map is inundarn as some players have reported that certain hatches of the submarine were activated at the same moment in which appeared the account back in the men’s game.

This is something that the own leaker from Fortnite: FortToryhas shared on his Twitter account. It is also rumored that you will be able to aadirse a new type of vehicle acutico with the form of tiburn. For the moment, are just rumors as we say and there is nothing confirmed in full. We will have to wait to find outbut perhaps with luck the incgnitas is resolvern this morning May 30, during the event.

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