On the day of yesterday, many players were surprised by the appearance of a watch with a countdown clock in several of the menus of the game and in The Agency. It is, and nothing less, of the time left for the final event and the close of the season 2 of the pass of battle, something that has been talking about for a while.

The event will begin on Saturday, 30 may at 17.05. It is likely that Epic Games enable a mode of a special game to be able to see it live and direct, so just simply connect and log in there. Keep in mind that this is something that is global and will be many players who will want to see , which can generate some problems at the time you enter, so it is advisable to do so some minutes before the start.

Still do not know for sure what it is that you have prepared for the occasion, but bearing in mind some leaks, it is speculated a possible flood. Whether this be true or not, yes we can be sure that what will happen will be spectacular, as is the usual brand of the house.