After passing through the which has been his longest season to date, ‘Fortnite’ has already made the jump to the Season 2 of Chapter 2. A new update, without changing the base game Epic Gamesyes , presents what promises to be its biggest evolution to date.

With spy movies and secret agents as an excuse -that the new ribbon James Bond it arrives in a couple of months invites us to think in an event dedicated-, the new season adds to the usual bunch of new zones, new skins, weapons and accessories, a renewed system of missions that we will be invited to choose sides.

New iconic locations from the Season 2

Although the jump to the system of physical Chaos the Unreal Engine seemed to indicate that the change of the Season 2 could be radically different, for now it seems that touch to make do with a small group of new locations waiting for a major change.

The arrival of the agents serves to position the different secret bases that will be scattered across the map waiting to be discovered. The central zone and the corners north-east quadrant H1, northwest of the B1, this in H5 and southwest in B7, appear to be the main affected, as well as the central island of the map that is now the site of the agency’s special agents.


The news of the Pass Battle

With two groups of agents available, spectrum or shade -or what is the same, the good against the bad-, the intention of Epic Games is able to add additional missions to the catalogue of regular that comes every week. Depending on the faction we decide to support, you will receive a style, skin or other. A turn-of-nut to your system of progress for the hours of game follow by adding in front of the increasingly red-hot thrust of competition.

To support the change to the Battle Royale mode of ‘Fortnite’ adds a new hub that seems to bring it ever closer to Saving the World, the original mode with the born of the game, and was relegated to a second plane after the success of the competitive multiplayer.


In it, the operating room of our secret agents, we can access a more convenient way of see our missions daily, the weekly and the remaining challenges of each agent. Through a virtual map we can see the stroke of a pen what challenges lie ahead and where we must go to the hop of the bus to complete them.

This control station will also serve as a guide for the progress of the new Pass Battleis available for 950 Turkeys (about 10 euros), we will open the doors to new skins and accessories to modify your avatar.

As a great change in this sense is the skin of Maya, a character that is completely customizable to which we can add different styles separately. Individual changes for each part of the character with different types of hair, tattoos or clothes that we by getting to the to complete missions.


Changes in missions and mechanics

The Season 2 also an excuse to embrace even more strongly the additional modes the classic Battle Royale. With an equivalent to the classic style, Seek and Destroy, one team placing a bomb and the other trying to prevent that from happening, the new locations of the map will serve as a stage for battles for teams, shorter and with a style completely different from the usual.

As new developments to reinforce the idea, and with the intention of offering new defensive responses and attackamong the new weapons that will come to the game there will be options of stealth as a power of invisibility or a box in which to hide, as well as automated turrets and a scan tool to see the position of the enemies as you support to defend positions.


For now the only thing the game offers in that sense it is a series of enemies controlled by the AI that guard various locations that serve as the foundation for the factions. At the end they are activated powers, as well as the aforementioned scanning of enemies, or drop special weapons depending on the agent that we have annihilated. It remains to be seen what is all of this as the game to continue progressing in the season, but the thing it promises.

Finally it has also been added the possibility of throwing objects instead of simply dropping them. A much more useful way of passing objects of healing or a shield to our colleagues so that they can use them when the crossfire does not yield many more options.