Since the players of Fortnite will have content to spare as preparation for the third season of his Chapter 2.

After the shocking release of this upgraded version of the game, the magnum opus of Epic Games has had high and low of all types. Therefore, we can only speculate that you bring between hands for the future.

This week will be the last content patch before taking the leap official to Season 3, according to got to know to unofficial sources, they tend to hit with their predictions on the battle royale the world’s most famous.

Do not expect too many changes in the game except for corrections and additions of character cosmetic and adjustments to the weapons, so that there is a certain indifference on the part of the hobby for well-founded reasons.

One of the most common situations is that the game presents problems of operation in the first and second day subsequent to the implementation of the content. These are transformed into complaints of bugs and are finally adjusted in a matter of days.

But the fixes do not tend to occur always, or transformed into problems that are more noticeable that make life impossible for the players most dedicated to the game. This acquires even more importance when it comes to a game as transmitted in streaming.

Recently, the most important names of the game have been declared to be against many facets of the game, accusing Epic of turning it into a magnet for the casual players, ignoring their base.

Note that this “lack of loyalty” has led to the growth of interest in games such as Call of Duty: Warzone or Valorant, that have seduced many players to make the change for these shooters

The fact that the most important spokesmen of Fortnite to give their opinion in this type of situation is nothing new, but if it helps to expose that many times you don’t listen to the fans when they make complaints very real.